New Grading System of SSC & HSSC

The new grading system is a 10-point grading system (A++, A+, A, B++, B+, B, C, D, E, U) whereas the previous system was based on a 7-point grading system (A-1, A, B, C, D, E, F).
The new grading system was introduced by the IBCC. It is to control the marks inflation in the country and curb the race among students, parents and institutions for obtaining maximum marks.
The qualifications are not affected by this change in the grading policy as the scheme of studies is the same. Moreover, as a university you would have to formulate admission policy around the GPA and CGPA that will be awarded based on grade point assigned to each grade.
From 2023-2024 (in the next two academic years, university may refer to CGPA or grades provided by the examination boards, or they may continue using raw scores for the admission purpose. However, starting from 2025, all colleges and universities will refer to CGPA only for admissions as raw marks will not be shown in the marksheet.
Yes. The policy has been communicated with HEC, PEC and PMDC.
The IBCC encourages all schools to revisit their grading criteria and align it with the new grading policy so that students and teachers become familiar and adjust to the new grading system.
Yes. Your respective board will communicate the changes accordingly.
No. The curriculum shall remain the same.
No.  In this case, the old grading system will be applied.
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