What are the required documents for equivalence?

Documents required for equivalence are as under:
i. Documentary evidence of studies abroad. Original passport and attested photocopies, duly endorsed with visas of country concerned, in case of students from abroad.
ii. Proof of registration for the Certificate/Diploma.
iii. Attested copy of N.I.C. or Form ‘B’ of applicant/parent or tenderer.
iv. Original & attested photocopy (back to back) of each Certificate/Diploma obtained from abroad along with English translation from National University of Modern Langua-ges, Islamabad or from the concerned Embassy.
v. Printed / Photocopy of the syllabus from the official record of the institution conferring the Certificate (English version only).
vi. Attested copy of earlier SSC equivalence certificate issued by IBCC/Copy of documents.
vii. Original Provisional Certificate/Copy of letter with marks already issued by IBCC, if any.
viii. In case of foreign national, nomination letter from EAD concerned embassy and admis-sion letter from University/College must be provided.
ix. Certificates/Diplomas with plastic quoting are not acceptable for issuance of SSC/HSSC Equivalence Certificate. If the certificates of O/A level are plastic quoted, provide state-ment of result (s) (in original) or verified copies from the British Council.

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