How do I attest school leaving certificate from IBCC?

Requirements for Attestation of School Leaving Certificate by IBCC are as under.

  • Progress report Result Card issued by the school concerned.
  • School Leaving Certificate duly attested by EDO (Edu)/DEO/Concerned Directorate of Education.
  • CNIC/B-Form of the Applicant.
  • Process of attestation of school leaving certificate.

Step 1: Remove plastic coating before depositing certificates for attestation.
Step 2: Complete all the above requirements.
Step 3: Fill up the Online Application Form for Attestation.
Step 4: Deposit prescribed attestation fee in any National Bank of Pakistan.
Step 5: Visit IBCC for the certificate you want to attest to the given appointment time.

IBCC Office Timing Monday-Friday: 08:30 AM To 04:30 PM
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