How can I get IBCC Attestation if I am living outside of Pakistan?

If you require attestation on original documents, then send your documents to a trusted representative in Pakistan such as a family member or friend with an advice to submit application for IBCC attestation on your behalf at any IBCC office. They will need to provide a letter of authorization from you and present your original documents along with a copy of your passport.

Use A Reliable Courier Service: If you do not have anyone to act as your representative in Pakistan, you can use a reliable courier service to send your documents directly to any IBCC office. You will be required to include a covering letter with your full name, address, contact information, and a brief description of the services you require.

Pay the fees: Fees can be paid for IBCC attestation through National Bank of Pakistan or TCS or through digital payment method available at IBCC attestation portal.

IBCC Office Timing Monday-Friday: 08:30 AM To 04:30 PM
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