Public Alert Notice

It has been noticed that some individuals posing themselves as “agents” of IBCC are offering services to get equivalence certificates and attestation of documents from IBCC. These individuals are also cheating the applicants by pasting fake IBCC Stamps/Tickets on original certificates. All such activities are criminal and such certificates...

IBCC National Steering Committee (NSC)

A meeting of the IBCC National Steering Committee (NSC) held at IBCC Islamabad to discuss the policy of SSC & HSSC examination 2021 and COVID SOPs to be followed by invigilation staff and students during the conduct of the examination.

A weekly meeting of IBCC Officers

A weekly meeting of IBCC officers, chaired by Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah, Secretary IBCC, was held at IBCC Secretariat. In this meeting, it was decided that the Walk-in Mode of Attestation & Equivalence has been resumed at IBCC Islamabad, and its Regional Offices with effect from June 8, 2021....

Official Position on Fake Letter

A letter shown to be under signatures of the Secretary IBCC regarding ssc, Hssc examine is lurking in social media. In this regard, it is officially clarified that no such letter was issued by the IBCC. It is absolutely a Fake letter. All relevant should not to pay any...


It is circulated for information of general public that all type of face to face/personal attractions regarding collection or delivery of documents pertaining to attestation, verification and equivalence etc. are suspended with immediate effect and till further orders. However, other modes will be remained operative for the purpose.


Announcement Due to the closure of direct public dealing at the IBCC Secretariat, Islamabad, students of O&A Level get their equivalency certificates from IBCC by visiting the nearest TCS Express Center to submit and receive their documents.  

Official Position on Fake Letter

In context to a news about the rescheduling of examination throughout the country, it is informed officially that the said news item on social media is fake information, neither it was issued by the IBCC, nor it is the obligation of IBCC to treat the matters in such away....

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