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  • When an applicant approaches the IBCC Office for the determination of the equivalence of his/her foreign qualification the prescribed proforma/questionnaire is required to be filled by him/her. Through this questionnaire information about the following points is obtained:
  • (i) Accreditation/recognition status of institution:
  • The applicant is required to furnish information or documentary proof of the accreditation/recognition status of the institution from where he/she has passed the examination. If the Certificate/Diploma awarding body is the board or University then it is to be proved that it is authorised by Government of the country concerned to conduct examinations and issue Certificate/diplomas.
  • (ii) Duration of the courses of study:
  • While determining the equivalence of the Certificate/Diploma it is kept in mind as to what is the duration of the course of study leading to the earning of the particular Certificate/Diploma. The duration of the foreign Certificate/Diploma should not be in any case less than the duration of the similar certificate or diploma in Pakistan. It may be more.
  • (iii) The intensity of the course:
  • Alongwith the duration of the course of study, the number of days of study in a year and of hour of study in a day are also considered.
  • (iv) Course contents:
  • When new cases of equivalence are determined the syllabus and course contents are also to be compared with the syllabus and course contents of the similar Certificate/diploma in Pakistan.
  • (v) Reference to the Ministries of Education and Embassies of the Foreign Countries:
  • In some cases the IBCC office seeks information or guidance from either the embassies of concerned countries in Pakistan or from the Ministries of Education of those countries through our embassies there.
  • (vi) Translation of the original Certificate:
  • In many cases of foreign Certificate/Diplomas are in the national languages of those countries. In this case we get the Certificate/Diploma translated in English or in Urdu by National Institute of Modern Language in Islamabad.
  • (vii) Consultation of subject experts:
  • In some cases the advice of the subject experts or experts of the specialised area is sought. Cases are also sent to the Technical Boards for their views.
  • (viii) Consultation of the British Council Guide to International Qualifications:
  • In some cases we also consult the British Council Guide to International Qualifications of various countries and other relevant references.

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