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The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) was established in 1972 under a resolution of the Ministry of Education with a view to exchange information among member education and textbook Boards, coordination activities of the Boards, achieve fair of uniformity of academics, evaluation and curricula standards and to promote curricula and co-curricular activities on inter board basis.
IBCC also grant equivalence to foreign qualification with corresponding Pakistani certificates at Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC). IBCC also attests certificates and diplomas, issued by Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education and Boards of Technical Education in Pakistan.

Objectives of IBCC

  • Promote curricular and co curricular activities on Inter Boards basis.
  • Coordinate among Exam Boards, Text Book Boards, and Curriculum Bureaus etc
  • Provide Forum to the Chief Executives of Boards etc for discussion, academic exchange and consultation.
  • Organize National Summer Camp for talented HSSC students accordingly.
  • Ensure implementation of SSC & HSSC Scheme of Studies and Curricula by all member Boards.
  • Resolve Inter Board/Bodies issues and formulate recommendations for policy interventions.
  • Capacity building of examiner evaluators and supervisions/teachers.
  • Determine equivalence of foreign/local educational qualification at SSC-HSSC level.
  • Authenticate/attest certificates for class 1 to 12 of applicants seeking education/ work abroad.
  • Coordinate Inter Board Sports and annual summer camp of talented students.
  • Perform such other functions as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives.

Composition of IBCC Forum

Chairmen, Boards of Intermediate & Secondary Education 28
Chairmen, Boards of Technical Education03
Chairmen, Textbook Boards05
Directors, Bureaus of Curriculum 04
Allama Iqbal Open University 01
Karakoram International University (KIU)01
JS/DEA, Inter Provincial Coordination 01
FA., Inter Provincial Coordination01
Secretary IBCC 01

Function of IBCC Secretariat

  • Prepare working paper with minutes of IBCC/Equivalence Committee meeting.
  • Conduct Summer/academic camp of students of all boards who secured top positions in grade XI.
  • Organize Inter Board Sports.
  • Review/update educational qualification book of criteria/formulae.
  • Streamline subject combination issues of ‘O’& ‘A’ level and other qualifications.
  • Simplify process of Equivalence and Attestation.
  • Implement through Boards new Scheme of Studies and Examination schedule.
  • Liaison with external exam bodies and foreign missions on Equivalence Matters.

Achievements of IBCC

  • Conducted quarterly meetings of IBCC forum and Equivalence Committee (EC).
  • Collected, Collated, analyzed and disseminated data on exam; assessment & carried research for quality improvement of Exams & Evaluation.
  • Equivalence about 40,000 education qualification annually.
  • Attestation about 100,000 SSC and HSSC certificates annually.
  • Published number of publication on various aspects of SSC & HSSC.
  • Regional offices at each Provincial capital.
  • Conducted Workshops and seminars of experts to frame recommendation on relevant aspect of education policy and implementation.
  • Hold international seminar on Educational qualification matters.
  • Service rules approved by Establishment Division which were pending from last 30 years.
  • Update the Equivalence of Qualification book.
  • One Window operation established for facilitation of candidates visiting IBCC for attestation and equivalence.
  • Attestation tickets were got printed from Security Printing Corporation with added security features to avoid misuse.
  • Establishment of CIE liaison office in Pakistan.

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