Aims & Objectives

  • to exchange information amongst the member Boards on all aspects of Secondary and Higher Secondary /Intermediate Education
  • to achieve a fair measure of uniformity of academic evaluation and curricular standards
  • to promote curricular and extra curricular activities on Inter Board basis
  • to serve as a forum for discussion and consultation for the Chief Executives of the Boards on all matters relating to the development and promotion of Secondary and Higher Secondary/Intermediate Education, and to make suitable recommendations to the Government
  • to advise on and facilitate exchange of teachers and students
  • to decide and grant equivalence to foreign qualifications with corresponding Pakistani qualification at Secondary and Higher Secondary levels including technical & professional education as well as local certificates/diplomas with comparable certificates awarded by the Boards
  • to attest educational certificates/diplomas upto Higher Secondary level
  • to perform such other functions as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives
  • to undertake assignments as directed or specified by the Federal Ministry of IPC

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